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Seattle Glassblowing Studio was founded in 1991, by Cliff Goodman in the tradition of the studio glass movement. After beginning his career in glass in 1976, Cliff studied along side glass master, Fritz Driesbach, and attended the famous Pilchuck School. Currently, his artwork is featured in collections around the world.

The Seattle Glassblowing Studio team is comprised of eight professional glassblowers and five designers who all collaborate to create original glass artwork and custom installations.  We have over 150 years of combined experience in creating one-of-a-kind glass artwork that continues to expand and innovate the glass art industry. 

Our 12,000 square foot studio space, located in Downtown Seattle, is home to our well-known hot shop which features state-of-the-art glassblowing equipment.  In 2010, in an effort to further reduce our company’s impact on the environment, we upgraded all of our equipment to fuel and energy efficient systems which earned us a grant from the City of Seattle.    

Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in the creation of custom glass work, including: functional glass art sinks and lighting. We work directly with our clients to transform and develop their conceptual design ideas into functional, well-designed glass forms.  Our professional team of artists manage the design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of all our custom projects to ensure seamless communication through every step of the process.  In recent years, we have collaborated with a variety of professional design firms to create permanent installations, including those featured at: Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Anaheim, CA), M Resort (Las Vegas, NV), Western Commerce Group (Fort Worth, TX), the Marriott (Seattle, WA) and the Pan Pacific (Seattle, WA).  We also have an extensive portfolio of private residential installations.  

Seattle Glassblowing Studio is not just a glass studio that produces beautiful works of art. Our professional instructors teach you how to do it too! We provide classes and training to students of all ages and skill levels. We even offer teambuilding events and studio tours of our facility. At Seattle Glassblowing Studio, it is our mission to provide an unforgettable glassblowing experience to all our visitors and deliver world class training to the next generation of glass artists.

History of Glassblowing

The 1960s ushered in the rise of the studio glass movement in America. Individual artists, like Harvey Littleton, began opening their own glassblowing studios independently of the large glass factories to pursue their own artistic visions and to develop new techniques for glass blowing, casting and carving.

The movement began in America and spread...

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Customer Testimonials

At Seattle Glassblowing Studio, we are committed to delivering a one-of-a-kind glassblowing experience to all of our visitors.

Whether you are in the market for glass artwork, visiting our hotshop for the first time, or participating in a class; our professional team is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service.

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Community Contributions

Seattle Glassblowing Studio is pleased to partner with local community organizations. We take pride in our community and are happy to support Seattle's charitable organizations in their on-going efforts.

If you would like more information about partnership opportunities; please email information to: info@seattleglassblowing.com

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