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Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in teaching beginning glassblowing classes to the next generation of artists. We offer a variety of class options for students interested in learning about the art of blown glass, including: 6 week sessions, private lessons, weekend workshops, & group workshops.

All of our beginner classes are designed for students who have little or no glassblowing experience. While enrolled in classes at Seattle Glassblowing Studio, students will develop all the basic skills and knowledge necessary to blow glass as a hobby or to continue on glassblowing as a profession.

We encourage all of our students to continue their glassblowing education at Seattle Glassblowing Studio through our Beginner I, Beginner II, Intermediate and Advanced classes.


About Our Hotshop

Our 12,000 square foot studio space, located in Downtown Seattle, is home to our well-known hotshop which features state-of-the-art glassblowing equipment. Our hotshop is equipped with three glory holes, four annealers, a Falorni glass furnace, and a wide selection of specialized glassblowing tools. The hot shop environment is clean, comfortable, and friendly. We also have a sophisticated ventilation and fan system, which creates a cool and clean work environment.

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