Custom Commissions & Installations

Collectors, designers, architects, institutions and private individuals often wish to commission artwork to suit their own unique requirements. Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in the creation of custom glass work, including: functional glass art sinks and lighting. We work directly with our clients to transform and develop their conceptual design ideas into functional, well-designed glass forms. Our professional team of artists manage the design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of all our custom projects to ensure seamless communication through every step of the process.

In recent years, we have collaborated with a variety of professional design firms to create permanent installations, including those featured at:

- Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Anaheim, CA)

- M Resort (Las Vegas, NV)

- Western Commerce Group (Fort Worth, TX)

- The Marriott (Seattle, WA)

- The Pan Pacific (Seattle, WA)

We also have an extensive portfolio of private residential installations.


Oprah Magazine

The artists at Seattle Glassblowing Studio commissioned a custom hand-blown glass teapot in the shape of Oprah's famous "O" for an article in the Fresh Start 2013! issue of Oprah Magazine.


For more information regarding custom commissions & installations, please contact us at to schedule a meeting with our in-house design team.

Double Helix Sculpture

Ruth Chris Steakhouse - Anaheim, CA

Outdoor Water Fountain

Private Installation - Bainbridge, WA

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